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History of Massage Therapy

There is little doubt that massage therapy was the first health procedure. The first thing we do when we feel pain anywhere in our bodies is to grab it rub it; our primal ancestors surely did the same, long before they figured out which herbs to ingest or which gods to pray to.

Massage therapy has had a long distinguished history, having been known to the ancient Chinese & Japanese, the Greeks, Romans, & Egyptians, & virtually every civilization before  since.

Only recently have we begun to realize that the medical approaches such as drugs and surgery often have significant unwanted side effects They are very costly & are often treating symptoms rather than causes. We are beginning to value the health of the whole Person rather than fragmenting ourselves.

To see the worth of natural approach with little risk.  Massage therapy is based on the fact that the soft tissues muscles, tendons, ligaments & fascia respond to touch.   Massage therapy is probably the most powerful method of treating & preventing pain

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