Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
Unless you are taking medication, or have a specific condition that you are concerned about, massage therapy by a licensed professional should not require a physician’s referral. However, some doctors may recommend massage therapy as a part of certain treatments. You should inform your therapist of anything that might be a factor of your overall condition. Therapeutic Body Concepts do not work with insurance companies at this time.

Do I have any control during the massage?
We recommend that you communicate with your massage therapist regarding the pressure or style of the technique. Also, environmental factors such as temperature, draping, volume of the music, or scents can be influenced by your participation. If you do not want to have a particular part of your body massaged, you should communicate that clearly and early on to your massage therapist.

Can I choose a male/female therapist?
We honor requests for male or female therapists, but we do not reveal the age, appearance, or nationality of our therapists. Therapeutic Body Concepts is not an escort service.

Will I be naked during the massage?
The client is recommended to remove all their clothes and jewelry except for their lower underwear. Women will be asked to remove their bras. A sheet will always drape clients over their entire body except for the part of the body being worked on. During the massage, draping is not optional.

What is a full-body massage?
When a massage therapist goes to massage school, we are taught full-body massage. A full-body massage is the entire body except for the breasts and genital areas. It has come to our attention that some people requesting full-body massages are looking for sexual massages. Therapeutic Body Concepts Professionals does not provide massage of a sexual nature.

Should I tip the massage therapist?
It is customary to tip the massage therapist. You are not required to tip legally, but it can be considered a reflection of the quality of the massage by the massage therapist.

Are the therapists registered?
All of our therapists receive registration from the school that they graduate from. All massage therapists are required to be registered by the state of Texas.

How often should I receive a massage?
A massage every week is highly beneficial and recommended. Some of our clients want a massage two/three times a week, others once a month. It depends on your cycle whether it is weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly, etc.

Do you recommend any behaviors during the massage?
Breathe deeply and regularly. The more you breathe, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of massage. Try not to engage in conversation. Talking, except for communicating with your therapist about pressure, boundaries, etc. can distract you. You are more than welcome to ask your therapist not to talk to you as well. Drink water. During the massage you will release toxins into your bloodstream. This can be disagreeable a few hours after the massage. Drinking water will flush the toxins out of your system.

What kind of massage do you give?
The massage therapy we provide is for your stress/pain relief, relaxation, and enjoyment. A Swedish massage is usually requested for relaxation, enjoyment, or stress-relief. Deep tissue work, a very strong style of massage is recommended for overly tight, hard muscles. Sport massage depends on if the massage is desired before of after the sport event. Neuromuscular work is for someone with a specific problem area they need addressed. Many massage therapists use an eclectic approach, integrating all these techniques, customizing the massage to what is appropriate for each respective client.

What are some of the benefits of massage?
The effects of a massage are so numerous that many books have been written on the subject. Some of the benefits include better blood circulation, antidepressant effects such as mood elevation, mental relief, greater physical flexibility, pain/tension relief, stronger immunity, complement to other therapies such as chiropractor/physical therapy, helpful for pregnancy, elderly, infants, athletes, and worker morale.

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Working long hours at a desk, relying more on technology and less on the physical body can result in loss of strength and muscle tone. Rushing from one place, thought and experience to another are some of the causes of stress we encounter every day.
Massage therapy has proven its value. From the beginnings of recorded history, massage has had a presence in the lives of great figures. Hippo crates, one of the founders of modern medicine, recommended massage for good health.