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Why Get a Massage

We’ve all heard it, said it or thought it before, “I need a massage.” Once considered to be just hedonistic pampering for the rich and famous, massage therapy is now finding enormous popularity among millions of Americans.
Massage therapy provides relief to people from all walks of life. The weekend athlete, the home gardener, the over stressed executive, secretaries, waitresses, laborers; virtually anyone can feel a need for massage therapy sooner or later.

Numerous research studies conducted in the United States, Europe, and Asia have documented that far beyond simply “feeling good,” massage therapy has an impressive range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits.


Thumb and finger pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet and hands that correspond to specific glands and organs of the body. This very relaxing treatment helps to improve circulation and over-all health and well being. So revitalize yourself with a Reflexology session!


A very focused deep muscle massage using trigger point therapy and specific stretches. Elbows, fists and thumbs are used for releasing blocked areas of the body and to decrease muscle spasms and break up adhesions in the muscles. This massage helps to rejuvenate and de-stress while improving overall vitality!


This classic European massage uses long strokes and kneeding to the superficial layers of muscles. This very soothing massage helps to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improves flexibility and promotes health and relaxation.


An excellent massage especially for golfers and tennis players, using cross-fiber friction and stretching techniques. This invigorating treatment helps to restore mobility to sore muscles and prevent injuries while enhancing athletic performance.

“Let Our Personal Care Ease Your Pain” Benefits of Massage
Stress Relief
Improves Circulation
Keeps Skin Looking Young
Reduces Body Fluids
Therapeutic for all Injuries
Relieves Headaches
Helps Tone muscles

Please NOTE!!

Therapeutic Body Concepts wants to first establish that our massages are non-sexual massages for wellness/ relaxation. Our massage therapists are fully clothed when giving the massage, all massages are performed on appropriate equipment, and draping is not an option. Please respect our therapists and receptionists.

We are a professional Massage Therapy service. We come to you where ever you are.

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Take advantage of a chair massage. A chair massage is given while the client is fully clothed, reclining in a specially designed chair. Chair massages can be specially ordered for your office and/or special events. Please speak to a chair massage event consultant for more information.