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 Student     September 23, 2017  
Class Structure
Swedish Massage Techniques    200
Anatomy & Physiology: 50 hours of Anatomy & 25 hours of Physiology     75
Kinesiology     50
Pathology     40
Health/Hygiene     20
Hydrotherapy     20
Business and Ethics     45
Internship     50
TOTAL    500

Course Description:

Swedish Massage Techniques: Involves soft tissue manipulation to increase circulation and pliability of the tissues.

Anatomy: The study of the Structure of the Human Body and all of the various systems and how they inter-relate with one another.
Physiology: The study of the Function of the Human Body and how these functions of these various systems are inter-dependent with one another.

Kinesiology: The study of the Movement of the Human Body; including Bones, Joint and Muscles.

Pathology: The study of the Disease Process within the Human Body and the changes it can cause within.

Health and Hygiene: Basic Principles of Health as it relates to the Therapist and Client (Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization). American Red Cross training in CPR, First Aid, and AED is taught by a Certified Red Cross Instructor.

Hydrotherapy: is taught using water as a therapeutic agent in any of it three forms and the primary and secondary reactions of Hot or Cold treatments on or in the body.

Business and Ethics: prepares the student for a basic introduction into professional massage business (Procedures for Opening and Operation) and Need Ethics to reflect professionalism.

Internship: is a confidence building process to prepare students for entering the professional massage service and is a continuation of how a massage business should be operated and the necessary communication skills.



Student Intenship Program
  • Student works a shift
  • All appointments are scheduled & verified by the front desk
  • Semi-private/Private bays are used by students creating a professional work environment
  • All supplies for Internship massages is provided by the school.

Each student works a predetermined internship schedule based on their class schedule, and if possible, additional hours and days upon request. All internship appointments are scheduled & verified by the front desk prior to the actual appointment. Private destination rooms and Semi-private rooms are used by students for student internship massage services. All supplies for Internship massages are provided by the school. State law requires at least 50 hours of hands-on experience.

Adjustable schedules are available to the students to work during their internship program; this requires the student to work outside of their normal scheduled class time.

This can include:

1) Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm,
2) Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm,
3) Sunday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Fees Related to the Licensure of Massage Therapist

1) The application fee for Texas State Licensure--$117

2) Examination fee to be determined by the testing agency approved by the department to administer the examination. Currently students may take the Massage Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLex) from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). Fees for this exam and more information may be found at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/mt_exam.shtm and the website for FSMTB (www.fsmtb.org)

3) Re-examination fee--to be determined by the testing agency approved by the department to administer the examination plus an administrative fee determined by the department at the time the applicant is to be rescheduled for an examination;

4) Fee for a renewal license issued for a two-year period--$106 plus 12 continuing education units (CEUs). Licensees are responsible for maintaining continuing education records for a period of three years.

5) Texas Jurisprudence Exam--$35 is available at the following website:

Class Schedules and Breaks

Class Schedules and Program Lengths: Students may enroll for a class up to 8 months prior to the start date of their chosen program.

1) Monday – Friday (M-F): 9am-6pm

3 months = 450 hours /2 months = 50 hours Internship


In accordance with Texas Rules and Regulations, A clock hour consists of no less than 50 minutes of actual classroom instructional time and a maximum of 10 minutes of break time in a 60 minute period.

Therefore as a school, we offer a single break of 30 minutes after the first two hours of instruction proceeding the last two hours of instruction.

If a student is attending an all-day class, 8 hour class, the student will be given a meal break of 1hour or 60 minutes after the first 4 hours of instruction and 2 separate break times, each being 10 minutes in length.

The 1st Break will occur after the first 2 hours of instruction and thus preceding the meal break.

The 2nd Break will occur after the first two hours of instruction following the meal break.

If a student is in early internship, another meal break, 1 hour or 60 minutes, will precede any internship massage service(s). All meal breaks will NOT count as classroom hours completed.

Student Conduct/Qualities

Student Conduct:

Students must abide by all policies, rules and regulations, and procedures of Therapeutic Body Concepts. Students shall not engage in any sort of disruptive behavior during classroom instruction and/or while on school premises, or any conduct that might endanger the health and safety of any person. Students shall not be allowed to engage in Rolfing, Spinal Adjustments or similar modalities during class. No student shall use alcohol, possess or distribute narcotics or illegal drugs while on school premises. Such behavior is cause for immediate dismissal. Smoking is prohibited within the facility. A student who is dismissed for a violation of the conduct policy is eligible for re-enrollment on a case-by-case basis.

Student Qualities:

Our students will also need to be financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically capable of completing the course.

Grade Scale

Pass or  Fail

The student will be evaluated quarterly or every 125 hours on completed lecture exams of the 500 hour course. The progress evaluation records will reflect the student’s progress and are based on completion within the allotted time of the designated program term. A student who is making unsatisfactory progress at the end of a grading period (25% or 125 hours) shall be placed on probation for the next grading period. If the student on probation achieves satisfactory progress for the subsequent period, but has not achieved the required grades for overall satisfactory progress, the student may be allowed to continue, through director’s approval, on probation for one more grading period. If the student on probation fails to achieve satisfactory progress for the 1st probationary grading period, the student’s enrollment may be terminated.

When a student is placed on probation, the student will be counseled, by a director, prior to returning to the class, on the action taken and terms of their probation shall be clearly indicated on the appropriate permanent record.

The enrollment of a student who fails to achieve overall satisfactory progress for the program at the end of two (2) successive probationary grading periods shall be terminated.

A student whose enrollment was terminated for unsatisfactory progress may reenter after a minimum of one grading period.

The cancellation and refund policy shall apply to a student terminated under this paragraph. The effective date of the termination for purpose of refunds shall be the last day of the last probationary grading period. A student who returns after the enrollment was terminated for unsatisfactory progress shall be placed on probation for the next grading period. If the student does not maintain satisfactory progress during or at the end of this probationary period, that student will be terminated.



Total Cost of 500 Hour Massage Program
Application Fee $150.00
Tuition Fees $4,250.00
Books and Supplies:  
Finance Charge:  ($200)

If a student wants to finance the course directly thru the school, they can do so without a credit check. A simple $200.00 fee is added to the students’ account if the student wishes to make 4 or more payments.

Total with Financing $5,107.00
Optional Choices for the Student:  

Student Choice Mal-Practice Insurance ($199.00)

Graduation Requirements

The requirement for graduation at Therapeutic Body Concepts is:

  • To complete the 500 required hours by the state
  • Complete the course with a final grade average of at least 70% or higher
  • Be current on tuition payments, any make-up hours and internship program complete.

Note: Although the school cannot guarantee employment upon completion of the program, we do maintain a current listing of job opportunities as they become available.

Requirement to be a Licensed Massage Therapist: 500 hours from a State Approved Program must be completed before a student can be licensed as a massage therapist.

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